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Make your retail packaging more mesmerizing by customizing it

At RCB, we offer you a wide range of custom retail packaging boxes solutions. We believe that one of our main selling points is the ability to get your product out onto the shelves in the best possible condition. For this reason, we offer you a wide selection of retail boxes wholesale for your products. These are custom-made from a variety of materials, such as cardboard and plastic. We can deliver these boxes in a wide range of sizes to accommodate even the most unusual objects you may have in mind. From our years in business, we have gathered valuable experience on what works best for different objects and how to ensure that they meet customer standards. So don’t worry, and get your packaging quote from us today!

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What lies at the heart of the customization process is:

We take great pleasure in manufacturing your packaging into something unique and desirable, for which we consider these factors in our customization process!

  • Raw Materials
  • Sizes And Shapes
  • Styles
  • Design Support

Raw Material:

Get your packaging customized in various materials with us. Our experts devour their love and affection into manufacturing the packaging of your product, and they use eco-friendly packaging materials, such as cardboard, corrugated, and kraft paper!

Cardboard Boxes:

Cardboard boxes are so much more than a simple box that you find in your warehouse or store. At RCB, we understand what is inherently required of cardboard packaging – and how important it is to deliver your product in the right shape and size.

Corrugated Boxes:

For us, corrugated boxes are a necessity. They are the perfect packaging solution for your products. You can trust that corrugated boxes will keep your products safe and secure, and they will make a wonderful first impression on customers too!

Sizes & Shapes:

With us, you won’t have to worry about the size or the shape of your box, as you can customize it as per your requirement. Similarly, you will have to choose the dimensions which ensure that your product is properly packed.


Are you looking for a traditional style? Or do you want to add a touch of style with an eye-catching design? If so, we are here to help! We offer you a wide selection of styles and patterns for your custom retail packaging. The pattern printing on the edge or top side of the box can be done in multiple colors, giving it an artistic appeal.

Our clients prefer the following styles:

  • Archive Boxes
  • Bath Bomb Boxes
  • Candle Boxes
  • Cereal Boxes
  • Cigarette Boxes

Archive Boxes:

Archive boxes are a great way to present your products in a unique and wonderful manner. They are ideal for using small objects, such as figurines, dolls, and collectibles of all kinds, among others. If you want to add some elegance and class to your product packaging while retaining its affordability at the same time, try out archive boxes!

Bath Bomb Boxes:

Nothing enhances the beauty of the product like the classy and stunning packaging. The bath bomb boxes come with a stylish design that you can use to present your product in an elegant yet sophisticated manner. This style of packaging for your products, will not only attract customers but also enhance their value.

Candle Boxes:

If you are looking for a cute and nifty way to present your product, then the candle boxes are just the thing for you. The charming design and the interesting packaging can add grace to the stuff that you want to sell!

Cereal Boxes:

The cereal boxes are extremely popular among customers because it blends in well with all kinds of foods. There are multiple ways in which you can customize this box – such as circular wrapping paper, personalized printing on the top or side of the box, a string holder, and more!

Cigarette Boxes:

The cigarette boxes at RCB are designed to adorn your cigarette items. These boxes are available in multiple colors, and you can give them a new look with the use of color printing or label printing.

Get your retail packaging at wholesale rates:

At RCB, we understand that our clients have different budgets. Some have higher standards and some lower. We make your product packaging as affordable as possible to offer you the best prices on the market!

Our custom design service is available to you at very low rates. This is possible because we are able to source different materials at wholesale prices, while still being able to offer you a wide range of boxes in different sizes, shapes, styles, and colors.

Why Choose RCB?

Whether it’s a one-time project or an ongoing partnership with us, we have all the resources and expertise to ensure that your project is executed flawlessly. We pride ourselves on what we do, and there is no compromise on the quality of our work. Our retail box manufacturer has a great eye for detail, which enables us to manufacture products at an affordable price. We also have the manufacturing capabilities that enable us to manufacture and deliver high-quality packaging turnkey for your products – meaning that you have less to worry about!

What do we promise?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We place great importance on customer needs and requirements, which we carefully consider before we start any project with them!

A fast turnaround time is another factor that ensures the success of projects initiated by RCB. Get started today by contacting us!