Privacy Policy

Refine Custom Boxes takes the privacy of its customers very serious. Your information is confined to us and our relative use. We maintain the confidentiality policy of our customers and clients. We are not above selling the personal information of our clients. In fact, we condemn such actions as we demand that the same policies be applied to us.

Your details are limited and secure with us. Upon visiting our website, you give us an in on some of your information. The information we collect from the website is only for customer service and to widen your scope in what you are seeking from the website. Your information will not be shared with the third party.  However, if need arrives your credits may be revealed to any official for legal work and for the company. It will be done by the law to protect the rights and proceedings of the company.

Use of Collected Information:

When you log into our websites or require our services the information is kept in the form of logs. Your IP address used, the email and the products you have clicks are also documented. Even the number of clicks made per person are known. To accumulate all the data used we also keep record of the time spent on the website, browser type and exit pages. That has no connection to our personal use but to make the website more filtered and categorized for your purchase. While making the purchase you provide us with sensitive and confidential information. The clients give us their names, phone numbers, credit card data, account number and shipping address. All these things are in our knowledge that they should not be manipulated by us. You are safe to provide us with the required details. We understand that it needs to be kept safe as you are also allowing the credit card companies and banking institutions a yes to allow the transections to proceed.

We might use your particulars to update you for any new modernization of the website and company. It can also be used for the improvement of our company or if you have made any last-minute changes. We assure you that the information will not be sold or leaked for wrong actions.

Merging of Business:

In case of transections and merging of business with other affiliated companies your information will be shared with the other company. If the assets are transferred with the other holder’s, part of the user’s data could also be exposed to them. That case in not a state of worry as both the companies have your best interest. It will be in the conditions of the company not to manipulate the information of the user at the time of merging.

Information security:

Access to the statistics you have provided us with remains in the walls of our offices. The staff we have hired and the competent officers, all, have signed their paperwork to not reveal sensitive information or use it to their advantage. Every person in our company is to help you with our services and stop the opposite! Your both online and offline information is secure and recorded.

Your Input another step:

In order to keep yourself safe and secure we request that you provide us with correct information. Whether it’s logging into your website account or making a purchase. That is why we have added the option of age. If you are an adult and buying with your consensus then you will be careful and satisfied with the information you have given us. If the situation arrives, we will know who to contact and solve the problem in just the right time. This could save the user and the client both from any harm and lose. Our company uses a specialized software’s to making the hacking into windows near impossible.

It should also be kept in mind that we have the right to change our privacy policy any time so keep yourself updated by visiting us right here.