Box by Style

In the packaging universe, boxes have different opening and closing styles. Each style has its diverse use and is made from different materials like paperboard and corrugated cardboard. These materials not only make the packaging strong but also give eco-friendly choices for both businesses and customers.

box_style_image Straight Tuckend Box

Straight tuck end boxes have flaps at both ends that fold inside to close. The top and bottom flaps are straight and line up with each other.

box_style_image Snap Lock Box

A snap lock bottom box is a type of packaging that has four flaps for closing. It takes longer to put together but gives strong support.

box_style_image Roll End Tuck Box

Roll end tuck top boxes have a rolled structure for strength. Its top lid tucks in for easy opening and secure closing.

box_style_image Reverse Tuckend Box

Reverse tuck end boxes have flaps on both ends that fold in opposite directions to close. It makes the packaging secure and effective.

box_style_image Pillow Box

Pillow boxes are shaped like curved pillows and are perfect for small items. They have a unique and attractive design, great for gifts or products of retail.

box_style_image Gable Box

Gable boxes have a special design like a pitched roof and come with a handle, making them easy to carry and giving a nice look for gifts and food items.

box_style_image Display Box

Display boxes are made to show off products. They usually have an open front or top so you can see and reach the items easily. They're commonly used in stores to display products for sale.

box_style_image Auto Lock Box

Auto lock bottom boxes have a base that is already glued and locks into place when unfolded. They are easy to put together quickly and have a secure bottom.

box_style_image Handle Box

Handle boxes have built-in handles, making them easy to carry. They're great for packaging items like gifts or takeaway meals.

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