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Want to make a long-lasting impression on the mind of your customers? If that’s the case, then using custom gift box packaging would be the perfect solution for you! We at RCB understand how important it is that you need to manufacture your packaging in a way that can make your customers enticed about your product. No one likes to have a gift wrapped in a plain brown box, for which you have to make sure that you can add some designs to them! No matter what type of box you need, whether it is for a Christmas present or a wedding, our experts can manufacture it for you. Our experts have hundreds of templates ready just for you, so you can become the next trend in the market. And if you have something unique in mind, you can always hit us up in our chat support! So what’s all with the wait? Contact us to get your quote ready!!!

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Give your gifts a fancy touch with customized packaging:

What captivates the eye of a customer? It’s none other than the packaging itself. Our experts at RCB understand this premise, which is why they take great pleasure in manufacturing the packaging of your product! Your gift items deserve more than having plain brown packaging, which is why we offer customized gift boxes packaging. And this can make your product stand out from the rest! Say goodbye to the days of boring packaging and welcome our customized boxes that can add a bit of zing to your product! Our experts at RCB understand all your requirements, which is why whatever you ask us for. We make sure that you get it.

Our customized boxes will alleviate all of your concerns:

We at RCB understand how important your packaging can be, and how it should be done in an innovative manner. With our help, you can have all your worries put away. If you want to make up for your product to look different from the rest, then no one can do it better than us! Our experts at RCB understand whatever you ask us for in terms of customization, and we make sure that you are delighted with your gift box.

We have everything on hand:

Our experts at RCB will go through all your requirements and give out a customized gift box that can stand out in the market. Our experts understand every need of yours, and they take pleasure in giving out whatever it is that you ask them for. To illustrate, if you require boxes for Christmas, we can assist you with custom Christmas ornament boxes.

Every event deserves its own gift box:

Our experts at RCB know that no one likes to gift an item if it is presented in plain packaging. And that’s why they make sure that they bring the best out of your product by manufacturing custom printed gift boxes. Here are some of the box styles that can help you to cheer up your events:


These gable boxes are made out of cardboard with some exquisite designs on them that can add a spark to your event. These boxes come with a handle which makes it easier for your customers to carry them plus you can use these boxes for Halloween. As our experts can help you with having a perfect design for them!

Customized handle boxes:

Organizing a party or a function, and want to make your part more lit? Then use our customized handle boxes that are specifically made out of kraft paper with captivating designs! Using these customized boxes, you can leave your customers or party attendees with a memorable experience for a long time to come!

Favor Boxes:

Want to show your love and affection to your loved one or want to show some gratitude to your co-workers? If yes, then using favor boxes are the perfect way to do it. With Refine Custom Boxes, you can choose from a variety of options to suit your requirements. Whether you need wedding chocolate favor boxes, or you just want to show your appreciation to coworkers, we can help.

Why Choose RCB?

We at RCB take great pleasure in making gift items look different from the rest. We understand your requirement, and as such, we make sure that we manufacture customized boxes that would be suitable for your needs! Our experts understand that it can be a difficult task to find a place where you can find the item you require, and as such, we will make sure that you get the items you need in the best manner.

Our Exceptional Services:

There’s a lot to tell, but we can’t disclose all of it here, right? Here are some of the service that makes us a hot cake!

Thunder fast Delivery ~ We know the urgency of your business, for which we take things professionally. Therefore, we only take 7 to 10 working days to get your packaging ready and ship it to your doorstep!

Wholesale packaging solutions ~ No one likes to spend a lot of money on product packaging! For this reason, we offer you gift boxes wholesale solutions for an affordable rate as long as you order above 300 units!

Free Design Support ~ We make sure that you stand out in the market, for which we also provide you with free design support, and our experts will assist you with a 3D mockup, so you’ll know what your box would look like once it’s ready!