How Many Packages Are Shipped in the United States?

Packages Shipped in US

In the present world, where e-commerce has become the norm and supply chains stretch all over the globe, the transportation of packages has become a vital part of everyday life.. Whether you’re getting your latest online shopping haul or essential items, shipping makes it all possible. But have you ever thought about how many packages are shipped annually in the US, and what factors contribute to this staggering volume of shipments?

The shipping and logistics industry is currently experiencing a growth rate of 4.5%. According to Statista in 2022, the packages delivered in the US exceed 21 billion. 

The table below shows the number of shipments by different companies in a day, even in seconds.

Courier CompaniesNo of shipments per day
FedEx10 million packages
USPS23.8 million packages
UPS27 million packages 

Yearly Exponential Growth

In 2018, the United States sent 13.5 billion packages. The next year, it was up to 14.7 billion packages, which is 8.9% more. Just in the last few weeks of 2020, during Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, over 3 billion packages were sent in the US. That’s about 800 million more than the year before. 

A few years back there was hardly a concept of e-commerce, only those people sent packages who ran their online store businesses. But, the pandemic COVID-19 made an actual difference and made it easy for people to shop online by sitting in their comfort zone.

Retailers spend up to 30% of their total expenses on shipping costs. To cut these costs, they have turned to packaging services for help. B2B shipments are also increasing as companies move online. 

This trend presents growth opportunities for the packaging and shipment industry, especially for those investing in technology, automation, and competitive pricing.

Introducing Packaging Delivery as a Fresh Participant

Amazon Logistics, in 2019, delivered 1.9 billion packages in the US, making 155% more deliveries than in 2018, earning over 53.7 billion US dollars worldwide. What’s next for packaging? Maybe Amazon’s drone deliveries will become common, and shipping could get even faster. But, it is all about time.  

According to CNBC, in 2020 Amazon expanded its delivery network and hired 275,000 full-time and part-time workers and even added 100,000 seasonal workers last December to keep up with the increasing demand. 

In 2023, with the pandemic easing, the packaging and shipment industry, including Amazon, looks set for continued growth.

Competitive Innovation in Package Delivery

Among the leading competitors in the packaging industry, the three main companies include USPS, UPS, and FedEx. These companies are considered packaging giants and have been leading the market for years. They offer a range of services, including freight forwarding, customs brokerage, express, and ground delivery. One competitor who is giving all three of them tough competition is Amazon.

It is not only giving its competitors a hard challenge but also providing its customers with innovative packaging that is winning its hearts. By using new technologies such as Drone deliveries, Amazon is making its delivery services faster and more streamed.

Customers’ Expectations With Package Shipment

When a customer orders something online he gets very excited. But with that excitement comes certain expectations. Customers want their packages to arrive quickly, safely, and without any damage. They also want to track their packages every step of the way, from the moment they leave the seller’s hands to when they arrive at their doorstep. And most importantly, they want delivery options that are convenient for them, whether it’s doorstep delivery, pick-up points, or same-day delivery that works with their schedule. 

To make sure that all these expectations are met, delivery companies need to prioritize efficiency and transparency. They need to invest in advanced tracking systems, optimize delivery routes, and make sure that packages are handled with care throughout their entire journey. They also need to provide flexible delivery options and clear communication to keep their customers happy. 

Delivery companies need to listen to their feedback and continuously improve their services to make sure they meet and exceed their expectations. When they do, it leads to greater satisfaction and loyalty.

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