Add-On Boxes

Add-On Boxes

Custom Add-on Boxes are widely used worldwide since they come in various designs with multiple add-on options that perfectly complement your products. After settling on the perfect design for the Add-on boxes wholesale for your products, it’s time to investigate the many options for custom add-on boxes that can boost your packaging’s appeal, durability, and use. These are relatively affordable structural improvements that should be brought to notice. A few of them include the following:

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Add-On Boxes with windows

A wide variety of window styles are available for add-on boxes, each designed to highlight the contents of the building. This does two things: it impresses and entices the potential buyer and may lead to fewer boxes being opened in stores by curious customers. The window in the box allows salespeople to inspect the item before buying it. Because of this, they are more likely to recommend your product to curious customers and are more likely to notice when shelves of your product need to be restocked, even if they aren’t paying close attention to it. Printing or foil stamping can be applied to glass windows to add visual appeal and monetary worth.

Add-On Boxes Wholesale with Inserts

Inserts keep products safe while they are stored in their boxes. When the buyer opens the box, the inserts might function as fancy “staging” to present the goods stylishly. Platform inserts provide a handy place to stow away product manuals and supplemental materials, out of sight, directly beneath the primary product. Inserts can be used again by printing additional information/instructions or advertisements.

Custom Add-On Boxes with Hang Tabs

It’s simple to put on this kind of structure. Custom Add-On boxes with hang tabs can be hung from the rack without taking up valuable shelf space. Plastic hang tabs can be put onto an existing box for some uses. Some are cut out of the side of the box, while others are die cut from the extended back panel; these latter are referred to as “5th Panels,” and they offer more “packing real estate” for further marketing or eye-catching images. The lid of the folding boxes features a built-in hang tag.

Add-On Boxes with Sleeves

Sleeves can be used with Add-On boxes or on their own for simple packing. Like a ribbon on a present box, decorative sleeves elevate the visual appeal of packing. The foil stamping on this sleeve is exquisite.

Book Style Add-On Boxes

In most cases, the primary function of a book-style Custom add-on box is to provide more room for promotional or instructional content. Once opened, a display window reveals the contents within.

Add-On Boxes with Feet

Feet are protrusions on the underside of the container that act as feet to keep the box steady. Due to the box’s top heavy or bottom light contents may be unstable when displayed on store shelves. We may thank our feet for helping with this issue.

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